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上呂丹 Ludan







This is a 16 m2 space, cut into a multi-sided, non-interfering bevel, and it’s designed to guide people’s vision by its interlacing axis. The slanting design of the front door lets the passengers on the west side see the visual Identity wall more clearly, it also averts the reflection of the glass, preventing eye contact of the indoor customers and the pedestrians.

Since usually only the couple would be in the shop, the floorplan is designed openly. The triangle bar is set in the middle of the space, forming a toroidal circulation, so when the roaster is working in the roasting place, the customers can shop freely in the space.

While in the shop, the roaster would play the part of the barista, and the guest-host relationship would be established when he stands behind the triangle bar, interacting with the customers in front of the glass display. When the night comes, the barista would turn on the situational model, set out the hidden wine cabinet and wine fridge, and put on some music. The night bar is a fulfillment of one of the shop owner’s many interests.

The bar is designed as a castoring triangle to correspond to the axes of the front door, the shelves behind the bar is gradiently arranged, the metal table by the wall is composed of two folded triangles, and the numbers on the wall is made by the remnant of the punched-plate steel. The layout sets out a boundary between different sets of guests, and the capability of creating spaces within space is achieved by the meticulous spirit of craftsmanship.







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