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十口月 究食方 HIKOU.ZUKI







The old townhouse on the street corner not only has a simple exterior, but also has narrow mosaic walls, poor lighting, and structural design flaws. To avoid the unsightly appearance of neighboring houses at the street corner, we had to think about how to resolve the inherent flaws and limitations of the building as a top priority in this project.


The first floor is a transitional area between the indoors and outdoors, serving as a space for guests to comfortably sit down and change their shoes before entering the house. We also considered Japanese interior decoration art, using traditional Japanese interior landscape techniques to create a simple and unrestricted natural image of a mountain stream with small pieces of gravel.


On the second and third floors, we abandoned part of the indoor space to create a sense of space openness and integration between indoors and outdoors through the sunken courtyard. Carefully adjusted lighting fills every corner of the interior with the atmosphere of a Japanese garden, the dining area is divided into four different dining spaces with different properties, overcoming the interference of different groups of guests dining while also creating a dining experience. There are four different types of dining areas on the upper and lower floors.  Focus on the courtyard is the only common point.







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