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Modern Style Infused with Nature and Technology: 60-Square-Meter Sky Garden Residence"

【Introduction】: Nestled in the heart of Taipei, this 60-square-meter duplex residence with three surrounding terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows has become a beacon of time amidst the bustling urban jungle. Catering to the homeowner's frequent travels and their desire for convenience, the entire residence is equipped with a smart system, embodying the digital lifestyle they aspire to.

【Space Planning】: Emphasizing light utilization and spatial transparency, the public areas eschew television walls and sofa backings to preserve the advantage of natural light. Leveraging architectural irregularities, mechanical equipment is ingeniously integrated into elevated platforms and stairwell feature walls that seamlessly connect with the outdoors, enhancing indoor-outdoor interaction. The open-plan kitchen and extended island bar foster a cozy gathering space,facilitating conversations and socialization among family and friends.

【Vertical Circulation】: A specially designed marble staircase with glass railings not only enhances vertical scale but also maximizes natural light utilization. Taking ergonomics into account, the staircase widens at the first and second steps, doubling as seating areas to imbue the space with functionality and aesthetics. Linear pendant lights in the stairwell create a sense of layered depth, accentuating the multilayered spatial experience.

【Private Spaces】: The second floor comprises versatile study, master bedroom, and bathroom, each meticulously designed to prioritize light and comfort. The master bedroom boasts exceptional natural light, with a long mirror-clad dressing corridor seamlessly integrating outdoor views, fostering a serene and comfortable ambiance. Smart electronic devices and sensory-rich bathroom facilities ensure convenience and comfort for the residents.

【Conclusion】: This 60-square-meter sky garden residence transcends mere living space, embodying an artful fusion of modern lifestyle, natural elements, and technology. Through thoughtful design and layout, it offers residents a comfortable, convenient, and delightful living experience.







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