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水相餐聚苑 Les Aqua


aqua 顧名思義就是水的意象,水相餐聚苑品牌形象延續舊水相餐廳,水、自然的元素,重塑後的 aqua TA鎖定都會女性族群,為了柔化整體空間屬性,增加了純淨的元素,以白色做為這次主題基調。設計團隊試圖將空間傳遞浟㴒水皃的意境,利用柔性線條間隙、擴散、淡施厚疊創造出杏葉形態以傳達自然意象。


Aqua, as the name suggests, is the image of water. The reshaped Les Aqua targets urban women consumers, continues the brand image of the former Aqua Tea restaurant, with elements of water and nature. To soften the overall spatial attribute, a pure element, the color white, is used to set the tone. The design team intends to present an artistic conception of water currents. Curved or circular lines are utilized to create intervals, expansions, and delicate layering & stacking techniques are applied to construct the shape of apricot leaves for natural imagery.





The Lighting Plan

To conform to the brand theme, a night-time lighting of glistening water image is produced at the façade. The design team uses a high-tensile strength, anti-typhoon canvas for exterior cladding. Through the dynamic projection, continuous water waves form ripples at night, generating a river flowing effect. From the seats on the second and fourth floors, the consumers can enjoy the attractive sights and sensations of the sparkling waves reflected on the wall. The stunning depiction of water conveys a relaxing and comfortable feeling for the passers-by and diners as well as creates an in-depth experience engaging







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