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永安漠然 illuminate the earth






In this bustling world, the pursuit of inner peace has become the desire of many. However, finding a moment of tranquility amidst the complexities of life proves to be quite challenging. Nonetheless, we present a novel interior design concept, challenging the conventional use of public spaces.

Through this design ethos, we no longer confine ourselves to traditional television and audiovisual equipment; instead, we shift the focus onto music. Within this space, you won't find towering television screens; rather, you'll encounter an elegant piano and a warm violin. In this endeavor, we integrate music into every corner of life, not merely discussing space but also advocating for a lifestyle. Through the cleansing power of music, we aim to eliminate mental clutter and foster inner serenity.

This endeavor is not just about creating a visually stunning space but also about guiding people to reconnect with their inner worlds. As you step into this space, you'll feel a warm and tranquil atmosphere, as if entering a sanctuary dedicated to your personal connection with music. And all of this stems from a profound love for life and the pursuit of tranquility.







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