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沐光樹 Sunny tree roll


座落於彰化秀水的沐光樹蛋糕捲專賣店,空間規劃上提供 遊憩、銷售及烘培教室之功能使用。




前棟二樓作為烘焙室,藉由電梯直送一樓展售,給客戶最新鮮的品項。刻意減少客席數量,增加立食餐台與公共空間領域,過道、戶外樓梯、沐光樹、空橋、廁所、屋旁大片綠地空間... 讓來店的客人能夠咨意地在店內流竄,沐浴於陽光灑落繪成一室,室內戶外各以不同的視角鄰近自然。


“Sunnytree” is located in Xiushui Township, Changhua County.

Sunnytree Cake Roll Speciality Shop wishes for its interior space to be multifunctional: recreation, storefront and baking classroom.

The proprietor used to be an engineer working in the Hsinchu Science Park, but after being diagnosed with macular degeneration, she returned to her hometown and started running her own business. By transforming her passion into a career, she entered into the unfamiliar field of baking.

The Swiss Cake Roll symbolizes the imagery of tree rings, combining the simplest originality with local ingredients and completed with handcrafting.

The two buildings, both two-story and one in front of the other, are connected by a skybridge. All movements flow around the Taiwan beech tree located at the center of the courtyard. The building lot faces southwest, and concept of the architectural design of the building was inspired by a cake sliding box, using large glass windows to penetrate the front and rear, and retreated floor areas on the second floor, to create a void allowing clients on both floors a clear view of the large tree.

The color of the space is predominantly white. The steel structure is bathed in sunlight, rendering light and shadow in rhythm with the passing of time and wind to form a simple yet mesmerizing sight.

The second floor of the front building is the baking area. Baking products are sent to the ground floor by elevator for display to make sure customers are served with the freshest cakes. Seatings are deliberately reduced to accommodate additional stand-up dining counters and public spaces such as aisles, outdoor stairs, the Sunnytree shop, the skybridge, lavatories, and large green spaces around the building. Visiting guests are free to wander around the shop and bask in the sunshine as they enter the room. Nature is perceived from various perspectives, outdoors or indoors.

Sunnytree is like a seed of hope and symbolizes a future the proprietor yearns for. It stands for a desire to share the purest delicacies nature has to offer.







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