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縝密的簡約 unique tranquility






"Refined simplicity" simplifies decoration while maintaining comfort, showcasing elegance and purity. This design features clean and smooth lines, with the main wall adorned with a plaster finish to create a rustic atmosphere, complemented by glass display cabinets and shelving, creating an artistic flow in the space, providing an ultimate aesthetic enjoyment, making life more relaxed and comfortable.

In the reading room, some partitions are removed, replaced by short walls to enhance space openness, while incorporating a cat room design, providing a cozy resting space for feline friends. The master bedroom showcases a lifestyle of understated elegance, with intricate textures and colors creating an atmosphere of ultimate sophistication.

A home is not just a dwelling, but also a starting point for future aspirations. This elegant space, tailored for two, cleverly integrates nature and Eastern culture, inspiring contemplation on a simple and relaxed lifestyle.







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